A local printer for local people

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During elections, we print target letters, mailmerging letters to thousands of people. By-election stalwarts of many years’ standing will tell you horrendous stories of feeding arrays of 4ppm primitive laser printers with paper long into the night.

Now we have fast, modern laser printers like this HP Laserjet 4200 with its three-ream paper hopper that can print at 30 or more pages per minute, and speeds up the job no end.

But they get hot, all the more so when you’re facing the electorate in July and your office is cooled only by the odd fan here and there. When the printer gets too hot, the paper coming through starts to curl, which means it won’t go through the folding machine, and in really bad cases has to be folded by hand by the army of clerical helpers.

So when the need to print is not too pressing, someone thought they’d open all the printer doors and let it cool down a bit.

Pretty much all the rest of my photos from Cheadle are of the fantastic views you get from the holiday cottage we were staying at, which was The Hayloft, c/o Three Chimneys, Cobden Edge, Mellor, SK6 5NL, tel no available here. Stockport may not be an obvious place for a holiday, but this really was a gorgeous place.

One comment on “A local printer for local people

  1. Rob F says:

    *GASP*Oh my god! My infrastructure! My beautiful infrastructure!

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