A local MP for local people

That phrase actually appears on the latest Cheadle tabloid.

Lib Dem leaflets seem to be the last place on earth where the word ‘local’ hasn’t picked up the League of Gentlemen taint.

I’ve had a distinctly different role in this by-election to previous ones. We’re staying in a gorgeous holiday cottage practically in the national park, and I’m mostly doing late shifts, which gives me the chance to play house for my fellow tenants. I cook a meal and go into work, and when I arrive, they all go home and eat it.

All fine, except that one of them’s a fish-eating veggie and one is lactose intolerant. And my repertoire of non-dairy vegetarian food that can be cooked on a Rayburn is starting to run out. Non-dairy pastry has been interesting…


3 comments on “A local MP for local people

  1. Leigh says:

    Those Lib Dem stereotypes are alive and well I see!

  2. Radders says:

    Try cooking for gluten/lactose intolerant individual and veggie individual. Certainly tests the culinary skills and how to do imaginative things with rice. Desserts are difficult, lots of meringue.Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Rob F says:

    There is something about Lib Dems and their diet, there really is.It’s getting to the point now that when I meet people I’m tempted to ask “And what is your intolerance? Wheat? Dairy? Lactose? People asking bloody stupid questions?”Good luck for the final push!

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