Blighty weekend

Last weekend’s activity, then, whilst leaving car in Lyon for repairs, was turning up as unexpected (but definitely invited) guest at R’s stag night in Nottingham. TGV from Lyon Part-Dieu to TGV Aeroport CDG. Plane to LTN, another train (eventually) from there to Nottingham, and was home from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.

The French for stag night is ‘enterrer sa vie de jeune homme’ — burying your life as a young man. We did that for Richard in a series of pubs from Market Square then along the Derby road. A series of proper beers, a retelling of some old stories, and a chance to hear some new ones about the bride from her father. I haven’t laughed so much in months!

Then on from there to a curry at Sabera, and from there to watch some corny bad horror movies.

Sunday, we met up for a cracking roast dinner at R’s local, and then various parties went various ways. Three of us met up again in the evening to go and see the new League of Gentleman film (which was great — but, if not and, bizarre.)

I flew back to Paris on Monday morning, and got back to Lyon at about 8pm in the evening. The following day, I went to check up on the car, and joy of joys, all was working fine. And the work to replace the exhaust wasn’t as expensive as expected either.

So, back on the road.


2 comments on “Blighty weekend

  1. Adrian says:

    I know, I know, this is an old post… but can I ask where you ate this roast dinner in Lyon? I live there now and haven’t found a single place that does it on a Sunday and would kill for one!

  2. […] holiday was such that I took a holiday from my holiday to return to England halfway through for a stag do so was able to ensure that a whole new stack of Amazon 1p special secondhand books was waiting for […]

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