That wedding

Didn’t see it, didn’t hear much about it, but there were extracts from it on the 10pm news on Radio 4.

The Prince and the new Duchess have very good taste in hymns. Immortal, invisible (OK, not bad); Love Divine to tune Blaenwern (truly lovely, but avoid sacharine tune Love Divine, and as for the suggestion of singing it to Hyfrydol! — the less said about that the better. It’s a lovely tune, but not suitable for Love Divine); and Praise My Soul the King of Heaven (not great, but a bit high).

Me, I’d go for Lead us, heavenly father, lead us, and possibly The King of Love, My Shepherd Is.

If I only get one hymn at my funeral, however, I want ‘O Sacred head, sore wounded’ to the Passion Chorale with the twiddly Bach arrangement. I’ve been searching around the net to find a reasonable downloadable arrangement, and found this, which is quite good, attached, horrifyingly, to a hymn called ‘O God, that great Tsunami.’ The last time I sang it was with the Magdeburg university choir, with Christmas words, on a hospital ward.


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