A bad night

I didn’t get must sleep last night because at about 3am I woke up with acid in my mouth. I have acid reflux, a condition where stomach acid ends up in my throat. It’s worse at night because when your oesophagus is horizontal, it’s easier for acids to get back out then when you’re upright. It wakes me up about once a month, but last night was worse than it’s been for a while. It’s strange waking up suddenly. Whilst I was staggering around the house looking for the appropriate medication, I felt I still had to save the post office from being taken over by the ants. All those of you involved in elections will know why I’m dreaming about the post office right now…

Last night, the usual Gaviscon / Rennie cocktail wasn’t quite as effective and I was actually in pain for quite a while. So I spent an hour or so whilst the pain subsided googling on the condition to see what I should to do stop it happening again. I was hoping for a chemical solution, a way of preventing the symptons. It looks like a systemic, lifestyle solution is more the answer. The main article I read suggested three main lines of attack: lose weight, raise the head of your bed on bricks, and don’t eat or drink anything for two hours before retiring. All of those are difficult. The raise your bed thing I should have done years ago: it was recommended as soon as I got my diagnosis five years ago. But at the time, I had a divan not a bed frame, and it didn’t really work. Then I was on a landlord’s bed. Now I have no excuses. Losing weight–well. Tried that. It didn’t work. And the eating and drinking thing would be a lot easier if I had regular meals and a regular bedtime, but life is somewhat more chaotic than that.

One comment on “A bad night

  1. Jon D says:

    Urrgh you have my sympathies, I suffer with Acid Reflux too, sounds like yours is a little worse though. I’ve certainly never been woken up by it.I tend to just get a tightness in my chest and feel a bit wheezy as the acid burns on my oesophagus make my chest muscles tense up.Have you tried Zoton (on prescription)

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