Gay men and rubber gloves

So, what do gay men use rubber gloves for? P uses them for bleaching the bathroom, I’ve been known to use them for dying my hair… but yesterday we went down to London to see Julie Walters wearing gold lamé rubber gloves in the short run of Acorn Antiques… The Musical. Which was an entertaining night, but obscenely expensive. Drove down, parked outside a friend’s flat in Zone 2, cabbed into the west end, watched show, tubed out, drove home. Got in at 3am and went straight to bed.

Woke up to an answerphone message from Channel 4 news. There’s been a new shooting in Nottingham, can I find a Lib Dem who will comment? Yes, I can find a Lib Dem. I missed the news of the shooting when it happened on Thursday, so I spend 10 minutes reading up on it to help brief a colleague. A man who’d spent the day at a funeral was killed outside a pub, apparently after a fight. A newspaper story points out that it’s been 5 months since Danielle Beccan was killed, and that’s the longest this city has been without a shooting for years. A senior policeman has asked for help from other police forces because we don’t have the person power to continue investigating all the open murder cases in the city. Our police are short of officers, they say because of the ‘funding formula’ that allocates funds to constabularies. The formula differentiates between urban and rural police forces, and ours counts as rural because it covers all of Nottinghamshire. Rural police forces get less money than urban ones.


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  1. […] Have just seen that “Acorn Antiques — the Musical” that we saw in London last year is to go on tour, and will call in on Nottingham en route. […]

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