5am again

Body clock, aargh.

I’m looking for web dev programs right now. Anyone got any bright ideas? Nvu looks like it might hit the spot…

Some pointless facts to wile away the time. We haven’t had bullet points here for a few weeks.

  • I’ve redone the network in my office so that all the main machines use the same 100 speed switch. Much quicker for moving huge files around.
  • I’ve finished watching Alias series 3. I liked it, but it’s not what you might call intellectually stimulating.
  • Paul came back from the dentist exhausted. On a selfish note, I am so glad that my teeth were sorted with a brace when I was a child, and my wisdom teeth don’t need attention.
  • I’ve joined an online DVD rental scheme, lovefilm.com, courtesy of friends. Watched The Day After Tomorrow. Schmaltzy crap.
  • If you want in on the DVD rental thingy, drop me a line–both of us can get a free month that way.
  • I’ve been playing with the Royal Mail‘s SmartStamp trial software, and am coming to a similar conclusion I did last time I looked at it a few years ago. Basically, “They want a fiver a month for that pile’o’crap?!?” Yes, being able to print your own stamps has its advantages, yes, being able to use a variety of different franking logos would be fab, BUT the software is not good, and seems to rely on you paying a sub to use it, AND using expensive, strangely shaped Avery labels, or a limited range of envelope sizes. It wouldn’t be so much work to include basic Avery sizes, or custom shaped envelopes, now, would it?

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