Long time, no post. Busy week.

Stayed home Tuesday night to iron in front of the Channel 5 CSI double bill instead of going ringing. Was making an effort to get the house a little tidier before my parents visited on Tuesday. Ironing 30 of the shirts on the ironing pile certainly helped get some things out of the way.

So, cleaning Wednesday night and then dinner for my parents on Thursday: onion soup, bangers and mustard mash, and a tarte ganache. Before the meal we had a guided tour together of the Council House, which was fascinating.

Friday was work, peering through windows of cars on forecourts, erm, sending Paul off to visit his aunty (don’t forget the preserving pan) erm, thenwot? Oh, yes, went to see a doctor friend in version of the Mikado. Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on your perspective — she wasn’t able to be in the second act because she was hauled off the stage to tend to an audience member who’d collapsed.

Before and after, drinks in the Victoria Hotel, Beeston. Model pub. Monumental choice of well kept beer to choose from. Unsurprisingly always busy.

Today I joined in a tour with the Southwell Diocesan Guild of Bellringers — we took the tram around Nottingham and rang in a number of different towers. I dodged some of them, but got two ‘grabs’ — chances to ring in towers I’d not been to before. At Bulwell this afternoon, I rang an almost flawless Bob Major plain course, despite not having done anything like it for months. I was quite chuffed, and I must make sure I ring more like this on Tuesdays. Now that I don’t have a house to clean.

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