I wasn’t planning on getting more fish, I had in mind scrubbing out the aquarium for one last time and putting a small ad in the post office to flog the lot off at bargain basement prices.

However, Paul missed the flobbalob of tiny gills, and I gave in. Today the tank is filled with golden life again: five tiny goldfish and two swan mussels that seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, all I need is a wireless web cam to share our enthusiasm with you dear reader… no! enough technology now!

The KVM switch finally arrived today and I’ve been playing with that. No sign of docking station yet, however, which limits scope for using KVM somewhat.

Saw Collateral earlier in the week with the Orange 2-4-1 deal. Quite liked it. Reminded of Nicole Kidman’s comments about stopping going out with Tom Cruise meant she could wear high-heeled shoes again without worrying about being taller than him.

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