D'oh the technology

Fab weekend spent in Grimbsy and Cleethorpes. The Rumble Band put in a good performance and my mates danced like loons. I’m not much of a dancer, but the music was good. And two sets of friends’ parents very kindly fed us over the weekend. Lots of fun in the car both ways with some CDs of radio four classics: Sunday Format from1999, The 99p Show from goodness knows when and some Clue.

And home. Paul has choir this evening, so I’m re-routing my office in line with my plan to spend more time up here rather than elsewhere in the building. I am very pleased to have finally sorted out the network problem that has been bugging me since I wired the house. Laptop can see that desktop (which is elderly, but has 100GB on three hard disks) exists but cannot connect to it. Both are fine connecting to the internet through the router. Desktop cannot see any machines on the net. The solution is depressingly simple: add the network IP range to the Trusted Zones in ZoneAlarm firewall. But there’s a real reason why this has not occurred to me in months: since getting the router, I’ve not been running the firewall on this computer at all. It seems that its security settings apply whether or not the program is running.

Finally getting file sharing across my machines working is a godsend: I can at long last back up the mission critical stuff on my laptop, and burning CDs of work stuff no longer involves slow uploads of zip files to temporary web space before downloading them again on the machine that has the elderly 4-speed CD writer.

Since file-sharing is now on the menu again, I’ve decided to re-do the network up here. Using the wireless network really slows thing down, so I’ve dug out an un-used 24 port 10base-T hub out of my redundant technology crate and now have a wired network on my desk. I’m so proud. Flashy lights at eye-line and everything. Of course it could be so much better if it was a 100base-T switch… but I’ve managed to spend my pay in a record number of hours, and anyway, yesterday’s order at e-buyer is already closed.

If I’m spending more time up here, I’m really going to have to tidy up a bit and clear my desk. And start the five year filing backlog that has followed me through three house moves. Eep.

Alarming news on the home-brew front: the pressure barrel wasn’t quite up to the pressure generated over the weekend, and beer has been forced out of the tap. Opening the tap led to beer coming out at an unbelievable speed and foaming all over the bathroom. So, tilted it a bit so that only air was coming out and let some of the pressure out. Now the whole lot is in the cellar. I misread the instructions the first time; it now needs to sit and settle in the cold for 14 days.

Now that we’re done with 24, I’m moving on to Alias-2. But Paul is less keen so I’m watching these on my own.

Tonight’s bread is Olive Bread.

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