Write off

Looks like the car is going to be a write off. The garage it’s with at the mo phoned to say that the repair costs are £2,400. The car was bought a month or two ago for £2,499, so the insurance company won’t pay for the repair.

Looks like my driving days are over.

In other news, this week saw Full Council where extraordinary bouts of agreement broke out: we voted unanimously three times on different issues. This hasn’t happened since I was elected, and I’m not holding my breath for it to happen again any time soon.

The week also saw me not going ringing on Sunday morning (up very late the night before, somewhat needlessly) but going back on Tuesday night for practice. One of the new intake this year, an American who has never previously done any ringing, has managed to get to handling a bell pretty much autonomously in only two lessons, much to the horror of us old lags who can remember it taking us weeks to get so far. I got a lot of ringing in, but fouled up on Plain Hunt Royal, which ought to be reasonably straightforward. Royal, which means on ten bells, is only possible thanks to the two new trebles which went in only a fortnight ago, and which are a big draw to the tower amongst the ringers of Notts who don’t usually visit us on practice night.

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