I had an accident on the M1 on the way home from work. I probably shouldn’t say anything about it here, sub judice and all that. I wasn’t hurt, and two other people are being checked for whiplash. I’m not sure if my car will make it.

Had quite a long wait in the recovery truck because he was called to an additional accident on the way to taking me to a railway station. The second accident looked a lot like mine, only with much more expensive cars.

Whilst sitting in the truck listening to Radio 1 I heard the news:

  • police were appealing for motorists who drove straight past the body of a badly injured woman on a road to speak them
  • news was reported of a 6 hour wait for police to respond to a woman hiding in a kitchen cupboard because her husband was about to kill her; she was killed by her husband
  • Ken Bigley’s captors released another video of him in a cage, bound hand and foot, and weeping

It put my accident in perspective a bit.


2 comments on “Accident

  1. Colin says:

    Hello. I recently had a car accident too and was very fustrated at the time, but then realised that things could be much worse after watching the news minutes later

  2. Colin says:

    The good people at was able to assist me in the accident where the driver was uninsured, and I got a healthy check sum. Overall, I am pleased in fact 🙂

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