Initial jottings

I’m tired this evening because I’ve done a lot today. It was a delivery day, so I spent hours with my council colleagues posting Lib Dem leaflets through people’s letterboxes in the ward I represent, and the ward next door. An hour of heavy rain interrupted our usual leaflet-lunch-leaflet schedule and we didn’t finish til gone six.

At home, Paul prepared for a night out on the tiles with a mate, and we installed our new compost bin in the garden. I managed to kick over an earthenware pot he bought for the garden and upset him. He left hours ago, and since he went out, I’ve caught up with news and e-mail (including continuing some long conversations with my mother that I started yesterday, feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t spoken to her much lately.)

One of the things I asked Mum last night was her recipe for bread. I can’t believe how simple it is. Very few ingredients (special flour, warm water, yeast, salt, a little oil.) Making it is a simple case of chucking it all together and kneading for a while. I made it about an hour ago, and it’s proving now over a radiator in the kitchen while the oven pre-heats. I should maybe wait until it’s finished cooking before I decide whether it’s all that simple or not.

Another thing I’ve spent hours on this evening is setting up a webshop to sell tshirts and stuff. Or two webshops really: here’s one that takes a quote from a Simon Hoggart article in the Guardian. “Who on earth is Ed Fordham?” Many Lib Dems will know who he is: one of the many talented people who get other people elected by dint of hard work and near-genius, so I hope he won’t mind the t-shirt design. The other one takes a design I threw together in an idle moment during the Leicester South by-election and merges it with the Tough Liberalism theme emerging from last week’s Lib Dem conf.

I’m set to make a profit of about 50p on each t-shirt I sell. I’m not expecting to be able to retire any time soon, but my mind is buzzing on how to promote the designs. Private Eye smalls? There’s already a message on Cix!

Hope to have a little more success than the shop that’s been on cafeshops for a year or two with the contraversial slogan that Skegness rejected in favour of bracing:

And now it’s midnight, and the bread has only just gone in. Maybe there’s time for designing newsletters after all.


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