Tweets on 2009-03-27

  • @femmeder Nottm City Council has renegotiated some 106 agreements to keep building and make more social provision. #
  • At a training session about commissioning for senior cllrs and management. Only Lib Dem. #
  • “Commissioning” is needlessly pompous local government speak for “doing stuff” #
  • Coffee break. Corridor full of people on mobiles proving their departments can’t run without them. #
  • @FemmedeR search Notm Eve Post for cllr Alan Clarke, there’s stories there about it for starters. #
  • @dr_nick 😦 how long ban? #
  • @FemmedeR or try Notm city council press office? #
  • What a weird avo. Wonder if anyone else in this room has twittered a story to the FT during the workshop. #
  • @jamesgraham don’t listen to her! Farron is much more bog-eyed than Simm. #
  • @iaindale Dan Hannon now on PM #
  • Hah! Caroline Quinn: “So, John Pugh MP, are you in the bonkers camp?” YMTTICPC. #
  • Hosting a meeting tonight. Trying to make house look like the post of place which is routinely cleaned. #
  • Wedding’s off! P just wandered into room as I was watching Derek Draper on Politics show and said “Is that you?” Grrrr! #
  • Typing up minutes the same evening as the meeting. A good habit to get into, but not making any promises! #
  • @having olives, mushrooms, onion, melon, grapes, banana #5aday #
  • JoeMyGod on the difference between Dubya and Obama: #

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Tweets on 2009-03-26

  • @kayray Ya gets what ya pays for 🙂 #
  • Hearing that Notts Police have a presence on Facebook, mainly to talk to local students. #
  • @kayray heh – I meant twitter not gmail, but same applies! #
  • Wondering how reporting crime through Facebook works: “halp! Bein BRUGLED! Lol.” #
  • @austinrathe we have senior police in front of us at committee and they certainly sound impressive. #
  • Going out to dinner with my fiancé. #
  • Home to a rousing chorus of Feed us, Heavenly Father, Feed us, from the cats. #
  • Ooh, the goslings are hatching. #
  • Spelling “surprisingly” correctly on the fourth attempt. After looking it up. #
  • 12seconds – Not leafleting in that! #

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Tweets on 2009-03-25

  • @meryl_f ouch – it’s not like you missed years of checkups, though is it? #
  • @libdemvoice – Ooh. Nice wallpaper. #
  • Hmmm – a penis almost as big as @warrenellis’s #
  • @alanfleming Nice new version of that poster we like #
  • @iaindale – Cluttered?? That’s not cluttered! #
  • Hmmm. Apparently elopement is out of the question. Very much want to *be* married, but not sure I want to *get* married. #
  • PS Anyone know any good free online project management tools? #
  • @richardbooth 91 Followers? pfff! Noob! #
  • @adamrio fingerless gloves are very helpful when leafleting. #
  • @richardbooth – @s used to be but she’s dead now. #
  • @richardbooth do you use a feed reader at all? if so, search @richardbooth and plug feed into reader. Voilà, replies function don’t matter #
  • Oh boy. Sorry for crazy things that TwitTools did whilst I was upgrading my blog 😦 #

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O Fleur d’Écosse!

Last night, I popped into Cix with the intention of asking a question about touristy things to do in and around Quimper on the Brest peninsular.  (Anyone got any suggestions?)

Unfortunately, someone on the Francophile group had posted a request for a translation of O Flower of Scotland – with the very specific proviso that the French version had to fit the music so that French people could sing along with Scots.

Now, on French Wikipedia, there’s a literal translation which is rather nice, but is no way singable.  I particularly liked:

The Hills are bare now
And Autumn leaves lie thick and still

Les collines sont désertes à présent
Et gisent les feuilles d’automne en un manteau épais et silencieux

So, I settled down to work and produced something that more or less occasionally scans – and even uses the past historic tense, as I think a song like this would probably benefit from some literary class.

It’s by no means a perfect translation, and could certainly do with professional and/or native speaker help to knock it into shape. For starters, I got lost with whether the Flower of Scotland was singular or plural, so my translation moves on from verse to verse – with flower being tu in the first verse, “those who so dearly held” being plural, and moving onto Nous resisting proud Edward’s army by the final verse.

Oh, and it definitely gets lost in the middle of the second verse and doesn’t entirely make sense.

But see what you think. All improvements welcomed.

O Flower of Scotland,
When will we see
Your like again,
That fought and died for,
Your wee bit Hill and Glen,
And stood against him,
Proud Edward’s Army,
And sent him homeward,
Tae think again.

O Fleur d’Écosse
Quand est-ce que nous
te reverrions?
Qui te battas et mourus
Pour ta colline et vallon.
Tu résistas
L’armée d’Edouarde
Et l’envoyas
Pour repenser

The Hills are bare now,
And Autumn leaves
lie thick and still,
O’er land that is lost now,
Which those so dearly held,      
That stood against him,
Proud Edward’s Army,
And sent him homeward,
Tae think again.

Les collines sont nues
Les feuilles d’Autonne
S’amassent tranquilles
Sur un terroir perdu.
Ceux qui l’ont aimé
Qui résistèrent
L’armée d’Edouarde
Et l’envoyèrent
Pour repenser

Those days are past now,
And in the past
they must remain,
But we can still rise now,
And be the nation again,
That stood against him,
Proud Edward’s Army,
And sent him homeward,
Tae think again.

Ces jours sont passés
Et resteront
dans le passé.
Mais nous nous leverons
Pour le patrimoine.
Nous resisterâmes
L’armée d’Edouarde
Nous l’enverâmes
Pour repenser.

Tweets on 2009-03-24

  • Is it wrong that I read this and wanted to critique the kitchen décor and not the substantive issue? #
  • Still fascinated by govt spending info thingie, 24 hours after first starting playing with it. #
  • Things that cost roughly £30bn: Scotland. Local government and decent homes combined. The Defence budget. #
  • @documentally you have a point about the hashtag. I shall attempt to start a meme to encourage its use. #
  • Things the #libdems have taught me: how to spell Donnachadh. What have you learned from the #libdems? #
  • 12seconds – I think someone’s trying to tell me something. #
  • Have got worryingly far through the day without getting round to fruit and veg yet. #
  • Popped onto Cix to ask for touristy advice about Quimper and found myself translating Flower of Scotland into French. #

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EDM126 and the dead cat bounce

Today in a spare moment, I have been dealing with post that arrived some time ago and has mounted up. Papers that arrive in clear plastic envelopes and are clearly non-urgent are carefully filed until I have enough spare time to deal with them properly. Amongst those are Total Politics, What’s Brewing? and Lib Dem News (although that at least arrives in an environmentally and post office-friendly C5 brown paper envelope). When I came to deal with the pile, I also found a mailing from last year from the Cats Protection League including raffle tickets that had to be returned by mid-December. Whoops.

Whilst I was going through all these envelopes – and for the most part recycling them unread, sorry! – I found a headline on the Cats Prot mailing that caught my eye: MPs call for action.

The story was about an EDM tabled in the last Parliament calling for action from local authorities – so as a councillor, I was hooked from the start. The rather gruesome EDM pointed out that local authorities are responsible for removing from the road the bodies of animals killed in traffic accidents. Then the EDM called on local authorities to invest in microchip scanners so that they could check to see whether those animals were cared-for pets with registered owners.

It does make sense. If your cat is killed on the road, unless it happens right outside your house, you may never know. So all you know is that your cat has wandered off and not returned. If your local council were to find your cat, the chances are you’d never hear about it. So urging authorities to invest a very small amount in microchip scanners could do a fair bit for the peace of mind of the owners of missing pets.

The initial EDM referred to in the magazine closed when Parliament changed session last November, but the campaign has been resurrected in the new Parliamentary session as EDM 126, tabled by our own Mike Hancock MP. The new EDM has not yet attracted as many signatures as its predecessor, so do urge your own MP to sign it if you agree, and if you’re fortunate enough to also be a councillor, why not find out what your authority does about this issue?

Tweets on 2009-03-23

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Tweets on 2009-03-22

  • Someone has cut down the massive old tree at the foot of the garden. 😦 #
  • 12seconds – Lib Dem Printcave – revealed! #
  • Good lord. I’ve been on Flickr for four years! #
  • Not buying tickets for Paris despite lots and lots of temptation. #
  • @having melon, grapes, and spag bol with tomato, mushrooms, celery, onion, carrots #5aday #
  • Odd 4 mins of radio play on #bbcr4 today in which a deep gravelly voiced man was kvetching about his high heels and the gun in his handbag. #
  • @jamesgraham Is it wrong that I thought you were talking about Grant Shapps’ big blue penis? #
  • Worried about the strange man in @helenduffett’s hotel room. (Is this is how rumours start?) #
  • @kayray I clicked on the link partly because I was thus far unaware whether I was a raveler or not. No penguins for me 😦 #
  • @scottm Ripley as in Highsmith? Goodness. Only heard tiny fragments between leafletting. #
  • @scottm gravelly voiced man sounded way to old to be Ripley, IMHO, not ever having read the books. #
  • @rfenwick Princess of Bermondsey? That’s no way to refer to Simon Hughes. #

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Tweets on 2009-03-21

  • Oh, dear, looks like northbound #M1 has slowed to a standstill whilst we were in Newport Painfull services. #
  • Refuelling car and popping through carwash before ferrying Eurocandidate around tomorrow. #
  • Oh dear. When we got home, we found that we’d left 24hours worth of cat food up on the counter where they couldn’t get it. Starving cats! #
  • 12seconds – New Orleans style band at funeral #
  • OMG! Google Street View have been down our street (and creepily, me and P discovered this simultaneously on different computers…) #
  • 12seconds – Quitter! #

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Tweets on 2009-03-20

  • Thanks to online billing and meter reading, I am now in possession of the worrying factoid that we’ve spend £250 on gas since Christmas. #
  • Quick walk in the garden looking for green shoots of recovery on the vines we planted last year. #
  • Oh, good. It’s 80s nite on Welcome Break FM. #
  • Whoever labelled this belgian bun “large” has clearly never been to Greggs. #
  • @having my #5aday at breakfast: watermelon, pineapple, apple juice, tomato, beans, mushrooms #
  • Not liking the way the funeral comput make up look like Laurel and Hardy. #

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