Tweets on 2008-11-19

  • Good grief. They’re making artificial snow for the Christmas light switch-on. #
  • Planning phrase of the day: ceramic granite. I’m sure that features in the Rocky Horror Show. #
  • @helenduffett struggling to make any joke in reply that isn’t completely inappropriate #
  • A very recognisable tune echoing up the stairs means someone’s watching his Christmas Marple boxset early when I have to work 😦 #
  • @willhowells the Hickson version. I’m not sure I’d recognise the theme of the McEwan version. #
  • @jochristiesmith congrats on your elevation to chairpersonship #
  • @thoroughlygood treat youself – do both! 🙂 #
  • @jochristiesmith I’m just about to complete 3 years as chair of Nottm Lib Dems. Was great – with help of a good team who do all the work. #
  • @willhowells it seems to be making him laugh a lot more than I would have thought entirely likely. #
  • An unproductive trip to the litter tray is causing in depth discussion about cat pee and whether we can travel to christening this weekend #

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Tweets on 2008-11-18

  • Taken aback by a serious weather warning for the East Mids. Snow, gales and blizzards due on Saturday, apparently. #
  • If this appears at 3pm, I’ve got Twuffer licked. It just has a funny idea about what “today” is, so you need to make sure you set the d … #
  • @warrenellis that would be un cheval qui donne aux musiciens un coup de pied dans la bite #
  • Do Americans say “plaid” when they mean “gingham” ? #

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Damn you, 1-click!

AKA some of the last things I bought on Amazon WidgetsBy no means all of them.  Just the ones that are available in the carousel widget and not bought second hand or through third party sellers.  And I certainly can’t claim to have read them all.  I tend to get through the trashy paperbacks an awful lot quicker than the serious tomes.


Click them! Buy them yourself!  This damn blog doesn’t pay its own hosting fees, you know!

Tweets on 2008-11-17

  • Thinking about men’s ugg boots again. What would you wear on your leggs with them? #
  • @willhowells Already looking forward to your Spring Collection 🙂 #
  • @helenduffett 12?! I don’t think I’ve been in it once! #
  • Bit worried that Gordon’s new organ donation policy actually represents an escalation in the battle for hearts and minds. #

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Tweets on 2008-11-16

  • Feeling reasonably chipper, despite having been up since 8am this morning after no more than two hours sleep #
  • Don’t think I’ve been on a train since July! #
  • Listening to Radio Active talent show #
  • @meryl_f cat much perkier by last night and back to himself by this morning. And P has texted to tell me he’s peed 🙂 #
  • Going through Cricklewood at a crawl. #
  • Lazyweb: is there a UK that doesn’t charge 6.30 for postage? #
  • Wish all my meetings were as produtive, good-natured and funny as the #ldvmeetup #
  • Making that Swiss melty cheese thing. You know… futon…? #

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Tweets on 2008-11-15

  • The top 5 words I’ve tweeted: time, day, wondering, getting, watching. #
  • My twitter feature request was being able to schedule Tweets – now you can using #
  • I am awake. It’s 5am. At 10am, hordes of Lib Dems are coming around to stuff envelopes at my dining table. Why aren’t I sleeping? #
  • 12noon. The sausages and potatoes should now be done, so they can make way for the giant apple crumble for afters. Heat beans in pan. #
  • 10am. The oven should turn itself on automatically to cook baked potatoes for lunch for Lib Dem envelope-stuffing hordes. #
  • Well-nourished Lib Dem hordes either continuing with envelope stuffing or back out on the campaign trail delivering letters. #
  • Lib Dem envelope-stuffing hordes should be eating their baked potatoes, beans and sausages, apple crumble and custard round about now. #
  • 11.20am. I should remember to add sausages to oven so that Lib Dem envelope-stuffing hordes have something to eat with potatoes. #
  • Oh no! UTI kitteh obviously seriously unwell this morning, so took him to vet – and he’s been hospitalized! #
  • Blimey. They’ve managed to get cat through surgery and return him to us. He’s acting v drunk. #
  • Rejoicing in our shared victory a Carcassonne as we tie at 126 points each. #
  • @helenduffet I didn’t find @twuffer very reliable this morning. #
  • @twuffer why didn’t your thing work this morning? You delivered all my messages at once, four hours early! #
  • @kayray checking out in what sense “LA is burning”. I now see it’s literally burning. 😦 #

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Your top Twitter words

Remember this post?  In it, I suggested people using twitter and wordpress and a plugin that copies your tweets to a blog also try using KB Linker to turn key words and phrases into hotlinks automatically.

If you’re wondering what words you use a lot, there’s a helpful thingie at that tells you about word frequency.  You can find a handy tag cloud it worked out for me – the larger the word, the more frequently I said it.

My top Twitter words are, it seems, “time, day, wondering, getting, watching.”  Not sure what that says about me.  But it also gives plenty of other frequently used words I could turn into links.  @jamesgraham, @willhowells and @miketd  could all be linked to their respective blogs, for example. I say “Nottingham” quite a lot and I could choose to link that to any number of things: the Council, the local Lib Dems, the…

ONe more Twitter thing – I have occasionally thought that it would be useful to schedule a tweet for the future rather than send it now.  For example, if two amusing things strike me at once, it would be a waste to send them both together.  So it would be handy to schedule the second one for, say, an hour from now, when I will be busy and have forgotten.  This is now possible using a service at  (Twuffer is apparently twitter + buffer — maybe twitter + chrontab didn’t look so good)

As a trial, I’ve scheduled a series of tweets about what I will be cooking tomorrow for the good people of Nottingham Lib Dems who are turning up at my house to stuff envelopes. EDIT:  Twuffer FAIL – it posted the whole series of messages hours early for no apparent reason 😦

Right. It’s gone 5am. They will be here shortly.  I ought to at least attempt a little more sleep before then.

Tweets on 2008-11-14

  • Our copy of Carcassonne just arrived! #
  • @jamesgraham my new world comes with free river expansion pack – BUT NO CLOTH BAG FOR THE TILES 😦 #
  • @jamesgraham which expansions? Inns and cathedrals? #
  • @rfenwick you presumably saw the screen keys referring to laying reefs on the cenobite ^H^H^H^H taph ? #
  • Lazyweb: anyone got exciting pudding recipe suggestions? #
  • Pottering around various computer and household projects. Just realising haven’t yet had breakfast, let alone cooked a pudding. #

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Tweets on 2008-11-13

  • Looking at agenda for 2pm meeting and suspecting we’re not going to finish much before 6. #
  • Eek – Numa Numa song rings out around ctte room, reminding me to put phone on silent. #
  • @jamesgraham a reasonably good alternative would help. Ever tried mailmerging in Open Office? #
  • @libdems carlessness or carelessness? #
  • Ctte item 6. “We need to micro-manage less.” Item 7: “I don’t like the colour or fonts on that powerpoint.” #
  • Thinks institutionalized carlessness should be encouraged. #
  • @Toranika no 😦 it’s a bit of a pain. Another #twitter #feature I’d like is the ability to schedule tweets in advance. #
  • @artesea Amen to that! “We created the post office card account to help the post office.” Erm, no. It replaced much-loved pension books. #
  • Better have some dinner before heading out for Lib Drinks at the Lord Roberts. #
  • Eek, the Lord Rob isn’t its usual deserted wasteland – there are people here this week! People at almost every table! #
  • Blimey, Greggs the baker in town is now open 10 pm til 4am as well as the day shift. #

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