Mug cake evangelism

The following was found on a forum somewhere enlightened on the internet, and DAYAM, THE WORL’ NEEDS TO BE TOLE!

Put 4 tablespoons of plain flour, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of cocoa in a mug and mix thoroughly.

Add 1 egg, and mix well.

Add 3 tablespoons of milk and 3 tablespoons of oil – mix again until well combined.

If desired, add chocolate chips and a splash of vanilla.

Microwave the mug for 3 minutes at 1000 watts or 4 minutes at 700 watts (the cake will rise above the top of the mug but don’t panic!)

Allow to cool, turn out onto a plate if you like.

Apparently margarine tastes better than oil – but you have to add this before the egg and milk instead of after.

This is absolutely perfect for those occasions at the end of a meal when you think, “I just fancy some pudding now.”  I’ve been making microwave steamed pudding for ages, but always have to faff around looking for recipes and quantities, but now mad cow memory be damned, even I can remember the stuff with the tablespoons!

Last year there was an episode of Dave Gorman’s Genius where one of the contestants launched a manifesto for in effect The Campaign for Hot Puddings.  He  needs to know about mug cake, fo’ shure!

This handy recipe can easily be adapted.  Take out the cocoa and substitute a handful of raisins, and, egad, ersatz Spotted Dick!  A bit of jam, and you have what I think used to be called Dead Baby when it was part of school dinners (although googling ‘dead baby’ has not turned up anything particularly germane).  Desecrated coconut would be a nice addition. Add mixed spice and a bit of grated carrot, and you even have a form of carrot cake!

Tonight’s variation: add a dessertspoonful of instant coffee and a handful of walnuts. And cook it in a bowl, where mixing is much easier.

Might work better if the coffee was fully dissolved in hot milk first, as there were distinct coffee flavoured granules extant in the final cake.

(and I wouldn’t like to give the impression of being the sort of person who gives instant coffee house space, but I have two jars knocking about – one in the camping crate and one in the “Lib Dem meetings” kit)

It could easily be vegan, if you replaced the egg and the butter with, erm, soya margarine and, erm, tofu?

It could even be lo-cal if you used low fat margarine and some sort of sugar substitute.

So spread the word. Everyone needs to know about mug cake.

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  • Just seen an African-looking woman balancing a huge Adidas sports bag on her head walking down Lenton Bvd. #
  • Wow, an incredible 2 mins face time with dentist. No probs at all. X-rays fine. Don’t even need hygienist appt! #
  • There’s some rather nice but short-dated ham for your tea if you want it. #
  • Intrigued by local dry-cleaners offering “full laundry service – including collection!” Wonder if they strip beds… #

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  • Argh! I hate that nasty “snap” thing that makes hovering over things so perillous. #
  • Gobsmacked by suggested new designs for railway station carpark. #
  • Checking the atlas, I discover the village I’m visiting in Lincs to help a selection is just north of Boothby Grafoe #
  • Upending a cup of cold coffee all over myself. Could have been worse, I suppose #

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