Tweets on 2008-04-23

  • Meeting with regeneration consultants. All seems v exciting, but can they deliver? #
  • @thoroughlygood have we decided on our Eurovision entry yet? It seems to have passed me by. #
  • Humming "Barack, Barack Obama" to the tune of Copa Cabana #
  • @libdemjo aren’t cars limited to 60mph on single carriageway roads? #

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Wii Fit spoof. And other links

I like this video spoofing the new “Wii Fit” – which is sort of like a bathroom scales add on for the wii (now largely used in this household for the BBC iPlayer, which irritatingly doesn’t even do full screen)

Also this week – Neil brought us this story of lift horror – and this video footage.

And Books and Coffee brought us this list of 1001 books to read.  I’ve read 52 of them.

And I went to see what happens to the waste that goes in our recycling bins.  More on that when I’m a wee bit less busy.

Tweets on 2008-04-22

  • Plagued with random spam messages from twitter dating agencies copying and pasting from random news sources #
  • @thoroughlygood that way OCD lies! #
  • Block perfectdate #
  • @artesea my spam has so far just shown up on my tracking list. #
  • Listening to an interview with the Chingford Strangler #
  • Cats luxuriating in conservatory warmth, oblivious to marauding neighbour cats in harem. Not harem, garden. #
  • Pub quiz going suspiciously well this week. #
  • Eep, Guilford 4 and Birmingham 6 both in same quiz. #
  • Eep, we won the pub quiz by #
  • @dr_nick only used mobile for texting, not for looking up answers. Couldn’t connect to wifi either 🙂 #
  • @willhowells @rfenwick what would YOU do if Iran nuked Israel? #

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Tweets on 2008-04-19

  • @artesea we didn’t tell you about the house arrest? #
  • Shooing photographers out of the Council House #
  • 58 people from Flickr came on the Nottingham Council House tour. Security were not expecting that many! #
  • Free drinks in the Pitcher and Piano because it’s taken so long to bring our food out. #
  • My camera battery is so flat, I’m going to have to charge it before I can even get the pictures off. #
  • Timelord mindmeld? #

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Seven trips to the moon

Notice Nottingham, the Council’s regular propaganda bulletin, alerts me to an interesting factoid in respect of Nottingham’s trams, which have clocked up 5 million kilometres since they have been in operation.

This is, apparently, the equivalent of seven return trips to the moon.  But although our tram fleet is shiny and futuristic, I’m not sure I’d trust them for interstellar travel.

Home-made cordial

Last year, I made elderflower cordial, which was easy, and tasted amazing, and this year, I’m making more as soon as the elderflowers come out.  The cordial was lovely, and it worked well as an icecream sauce and a constituent of salad dressing.

I’m not sure if I’ll have another go at elderflower champagne, which last year went mouldy and had to be discarded pre-bottling.

And I’m *really* not sure whether I’ll be attempting this new recipe from Manda who has found another culinary use for dandelions, apart from dandelion and burdock, dandelion leaf salad and dandelion wine.

Apart from anything else, I’ve not seen much in the way of dandelions yet this year.  Yes, there’s a huge one pushing its way through the daffs in our front garden, and yes, very annoyingly, there’s one growing in the tiny gap between the front door step and the drive tarmac.  But apart from that, I’ve seen hardly any little yellow flowers anywhere.  Hardly surprising when you consider that nights are still regularly at or below freezing.