It’s 3am on Boxing Day.

I could go to bed.

Or I could get out my digital camera, my tripod, and all the marvellous clothes I’ve been given and while the midnight hours away making more animated gifs.


They seemed to like the idea on B3ta, anyway.

Spoke too soon

The washing machine has gone from domestic saviour to unmentionable in one easy hop.

Yesterday I put a load on. Tonight I take it out. As you do, I spin the drum to see if anything is stuck… and dun-dun-DAHH!

The drum scrapes. Not a good sign.

When I’m sorting the washing five minutes later, I find Exhibit 1:


Now, had this been an older sock, it would not have been so unusual a sight. Many of my older socks are tatty around the tops as the elastic fails. But this was a prime, luxury, comfortable, pure merino wool M&S sock. It has met with an untimely end. It has been savaged by washing machine, and we will not be resting until the culprit is brought to justice.

Not least because we don’t dare wash anything else.


Well, that all went well. Christmas dinner on the table shortly before 2.30pm, thanks to the miracle of oven timer. Oven did turn itself on before I made it out of bed.

A huge plateful for P: turkey, gravy, roast spuds, roast parsnips, sprouts, carrots, chestnut stuffing, bread sauce, home-made grape jelly, pigs in blankets. I didn’t have the bread sauce, sprouts or parsnips because I don’t like those things, and now that I’m old enough to cook my own Christmas dinner, I decide what I eat!

Now the dishwasher is having its turn. The cats are turning their nose up at turkey giblets. Maybe it’s still too hot for them.

I think I must have done turkey in 2004.  This year’s turkey breast was a little bit pink (despite being completely cooked) and I remembered being worried at the last one.

My Christmas pud is boiling away now – P doesn’t like that, so it’s just for me. Had to be boiled because the old microwave went out with the old kitchen and we haven’t got a new one yet.

Presents all good. Lots of lovely clothes. Now a brief hiatus before Dr Who later on.

Christmas wrapped up

With any luck, we’re all organised for Christmas.

Last year we were a bit too involved with house moving.

The year before, 2004, I definitely cooked Christmas dinner, but I am wracking my brain to think what I cooked.  I can remember a nut roast was involved – P requested it instead of stuffing.

But did I do turkey?  I can remember going out to buy a bigger roasting tin that didn’t fit in the oven.  (It fits the new oven)

I’ve spent the day wrapping tens of presents for Boxing Day, and getting all ready for tomorrow.

The turkey is in the oven and the timer set.  The sprouts, carrots, parnsips and spuds are all prepared and sitting in pans of water on the hob.

So back to vegging out in front of the telly.  Torchwood, Chicken Run, Duet Impossible, East Enders (! wtf??) and Casualty.  Hours of TV I’d never normally watch.


View North up King Street

The fog is finally starting to lift now, but at its height it was quite impressive. When I was taking the photos of Christmas lights last week was perhaps the foggiest day. In the daylight, in Nottingham city centre, you couldn’t see through the fog from one side of the square to another.

Driving to work has been an interesting experience this week, too, with the fog on the motorway making conditions difficult. And some parts of Nottingham were worse still than the Market Square. By Thursday, driving across Bestwood from Edwards Lane to the Basford Crossing was interesting. Bestwood was in deepest fog. Basford was in clear bright sunlight. But a few miles up the motorway and Chesterfield doesn’t seem to have had any fog at all!

Christmas lights

I’m still uploading my Nottingham Christmas lights, but whilst that happens, here, have some animated GIFs I made of some of the lights around the Council House.

Here’s the view from the side:

And here’s the view from the front:


One of the privileges of being a councillor in Nottingham City is working in the fine building that is Nottingham Council House. I took my camera in today to take pictures of the Christmas lights (which are really good this year – more later!)

While I was there with my compact digital camera and my tripod, I took a series of photos of the statue of Ghandi which sits under the stairs opposite the ballroom.

It’s a great statue, and one of my favourite features of the Council House.


Disconcerting Radio 4

I awoke with a start this morning to music on Radio 4.

This was rather disconcerting.

My first thought was “Shit! Desert Island Discs!”

DID is on a Friday. My mind was flooded with panic, because I though I’d slept for three days and missed some meetings I had to go to.

Then the soothing tones of Libby Purves returned.

Just turns out one of the guests on Midweek was promoting an album.

Christmas cards sent!

Yay! All my Christmas cards are in the post.

After Last Posting for Christmas, but hey ho.

What people don’t realise is the Twelve Days of Christmas START on 25th of December, so if cards arrive after that, it’s fine.

Bah, Humbug.