That long-coveted, long needed replacement laptop is mine. After a day of humming and hawing, I bought a Compaq Presario from PC World.

All I’ve had time for tonight is delousing it — removing all the Norton, AOL and other unnecessary crap, including some program that actually spoke to me (“Hi – I’m here to connect you to the internet!” – shades of Mr Foster, it’s time for your upgrade!). All unnecessary. Connecting to the internet just needs me to correctly key in my wireless router cipher, something that takes more attempts than it should. Why does the Windows doubrey insist on you typing all 25 characters in twice? Mad.
I have also installed the essential progs — AVG first, then Firefox, then, er, Sid Meier’s Civ IV. (New machine carefully specced so that it had enough oomph to play the new version)
No more time for now. No time to record fragments of Ulysses for LV, no time to type up the minutes of tonight’s meeting. No time to actually play Civ.

And the weekend — we’re going straight from work to an enormous cottage in the Peak district where a superbly organised friend has marshalled 14 university friends to be in the same place at the same time. So it would be rude to play with my new computer. Wouldn’t it? Yes, definitely. Um…. Maybe… just in the evenings…?