Tweets on 2010-01-18

Stopping at cathedral of despair for something almost entirely, but not quite, unlike tea and a toasted teacake. # A noise I've not heard for a while: the solar panel pump is on today. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Tweets on 2009-10-15

@benrav have always thought for me that the major flaw with Google Wave would be that no-one else I know would want to use it 🙂 # Booked to go to the theatre tomorrow on what I have just realised is actually the opening night of Our Man in Havannah at the Playhouse. # @madamemish […]


Tweets on 2009-02-26

@mitchbenn R4’s Media Show is covering the issue of disabled children’s presenter. # Solar panel was pulling in nearly 50 deg of heat in this morning’s sun. # Is it me, or have there been loads more air accidents in recent weeks than normal? # Off to supermarket to buy a basket full of Gaviscon […]

Tweets on 2008-07-21

Oh my, what beautiful weather today. And weird dreams. One about Jan sales in Debenhams and one… # Blimey, solar panel is recording temps of 145 degrees! # Inspecting Notts County football ground. # Well, it all looks safe enough, but, really, how would I know?! # …about people talking when they were supposed to […]

Building for life

Wednesday saw a gala launch of the “Building for Life” scheme in Nottingham, a voluntary code of practice from the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment that encourages house-builders to up their game, and deliver individual excellent schemes of housing rather than boiler-plate plans that could be anywhere. Building for Life is a set […]

Really cold

The weather station in my garden recorded a low temperature of -6.6deg last night – that is really cold! The Calverton weather page says that’s the lowest in seven years – although last year ran it close. So cold that in the middle of the night there were strange noises that woke us up. We […]

Last year’s site stats

I have over a full year of Google Analytics data for this site now, and I have spent an hour today pulling through the data. The key thing I get out of it is the disparity between what I think this site is for, and what the data shows other people use it for. Anecdotally, […]

Electric meter reading

My electric meter reading yesterday afternoon was 000000! This is because Eon contacted me at the start of the new year and said it was time to replace my electric meter, which had reached the end of its life. So yesterday, we went from this meter, with its old dials and wheels, and the wheel […]

Shower technology

We’ve bitten the bullet and decided to go ahead with the solar panel. It should be up by the end of next week. I’ve also requested a special controller that lets me keep a log of how well the panel is working. We’re not really going to find out over the autumn and winter, although […]