New high for solar panel

Today’s weather has not been great, with a maximum temperature of about 11 degrees. There has also been a very brief period of snowy sludgy noisy rain that made a huge racket on the conservatory roof. There has, however, been lots and lots of sun. And bright sunlight, whatever the air temperature, means good performance […]

Solar panel performance 07

Rather impressed to hear the solar panel working today, New Year’s Eve, on a grey, overcast day with no hint of sun.  It ran for less than an hour so if I hadn’t heard it, it wouldn’t have been recorded in the stats. Since it started working in September, its mini-computer calculates that it has […]

Solar panel update

After a few false starts and complications (nothing is ever simple with this house…) the panel has now been running for a few days. Nothing is quite perfect – the panel is in shade in the afternoon because of a tree, and doesn’t get the earliest sun anyway. The last few days have been very […]

Solar panel progress – in pictures

So, work has begun on the solar panel. This is Tuesday: The company turned up, and spent an hour looking at the roof. Access is really tricky. There’s a car-port preventing them putting a ladder straight up to the south-facing roof. Eventually, they decide the easiest way, short of entirely removing the car port then […]

Solar panel

Today we had a visit from the Notts Energy Partnership to consider whether solar hot water might work for us. They run a project called Sungain, which is about bringing solar hot water to as many homes as possible – and in the process drive capacity amongst local firms for putting solar panels on local […]

Single story danger for Aspley

One of the seminars we had about school culture in the last days of last term featured this TED Talk by Chimamanda Adichie called the danger of the single story. In it she recounts her own experiences talking to people whose only impressions of Africa included starving orphans in mud huts, and the dissonance that […]

Latest skirmish in war of central heating

Bah. On any given day, there’s only about a 50% chance the central heating in our house works. As the central heating season faded out in April and May this year, we had a heating zone control valve stick. Since the valve didn’t send a “complete” signal to the controller, this pretty much overode all […]

Surface meteorological data for Nottingham

I was looking up sunrise/sunset data for Nottingham, and this website gives a fascinating data table for what weather to expect in this part of the world. Nottingham, United Kingdom – Solar energy and surface meteorology Variable I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII Insolation, kWh/m²/day 0.63 1.17 2.14 3.28 […]