Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike Originally uploaded by nilexuk. So, I’m on the train. There is also a bus to Chesterfield but I elected not to take it because the train is quicker. Ho, ho. (hollow laugh). The train is quicker if, and only if: *you catch the 9.42 and don’t narrowly miss it and have to wait […]

How does the Olympics make you feel?

News reaches me that the authorities plan to use the London Eye to project a Twitter snapshot of how the nation feels about the Olympics every night the games are on. What colour the wheel changes to and how much of it is lit up will reflect an analysis of millions of UK tweets for […]

Back again II

This blog has now moved host and is hopefully with a more attentive provider who knows more about how WordPress works. In doing so, we identified a 300 MB error log that the previous host hadn’t mentioned I should look at. Unfortunately a log of that size is simply very difficult to open, so the […]

Unexpected consequences of ash cloud

I’ve a little bit of a thing for interesting facts that have an obvious connection once explained but seem a little weird at first hearing. For example, the smoking ban means that the drains need cleaning more often. The reason? Much of the smoking now happens outside. More cigarette butts are dropped into the gulleys […]

A decade is a long ole time, no?

With this change of decade as well as a change in year, the friends I see the new year in with both in person and on Twitter have been meditating about what they were doing in decades past and in decades future. I can only really remember celebrating one decade before, and that was 1999. […]

Tweets on 2009-12-29

@ChristofHughes heh – my Richard Wilson impression has gone from "I don't believe it!" to "This is no time for magic, Merlin!" in reply to ChristofHughes # It's taken a full 24 hours for the heating on full pelt to get the house from 9 degrees to 19 degrees – guessing it won't get any […]