Back in court

The court case for the Noise Abatement Order is finally having its days in court.  We were listed for a three day hearing in front of a (the?) District Judge back in May.  Courts are busy places, and the days allotted to us have finally ticked round.  Yesterday was the first day, and the case […]

How did you find me?

I’ve now been using MyBlogLog for barely a day and I’m already puzzled at how and why people come here. In particular, it looks like some people have asked questions of Google, and come to me looking for answers, which they won’t have found. This feels frustrating. People have come to me in their hour […]

Tech update

Just a few tech things that have changed around here over the previous few days. New, buttony-goodness now in the links section. With thanks to a dead handy website that can make those distinctive 80×15 buttons on the fly. New technology from MyBlogLog a utility with a free option that tracks what people click on […]


Got up late, having watched the results from Hartlepool, followed by the US presidential debate, whilst baking bread (new, granary flour to trial) in the middle of the night. A disappointing result from Hartlepool, given that we didn’t win, but we were still the biggest gainers on the night with nearly a 20% swing to […]