BREAKING – first #newspeaker results

A few very brief words from the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party as mediated by twitter:

PaulRowen Waiting to vote in the next round of the Speaker’s election, Beckett, Bercow, Haselhurst, Widdecombe and Young all still standing

joswinson Beckett, Beith, Bercow, Haselhurst, Widdecombe and Young all standing for next round #newspeaker

joswinson Bercow 179, Young 112, Beckett 74 – Shepherd, Cormack, Lord and sadly Dhanda all out #newspeaker

SandraGidley Pleased that J B won 1st round but how will it change after re allocation of votes. Not over til fat lady stops voting

SandraGidley Then we will have to wait for new papers to be printed. What’s wrong with a quick sweep with the black. Markers on the old ones.

SandraGidley Bercow won first time round. Shepherd, lord, cormack and dhanda out. 10 mins for others to withdraw.

EDIT: follow the action as it happens on liberal tweets or on the #newspeaker hashtag (awfully busy!)

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